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“Sean has a way to keep you at ease and really let yourself come out in his pictures. It is probably the most fun I ever had during a shoot and the pictures came out fantastic.”
-Jimmy Bopp, Actor

"I had a fabulous time working with Sean. He made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and his ability to make me laugh continuously relaxed me enough to get some fantastic pictures. Sean's professional attitude towards his craft came out in his photography."
-Stefani Rae, Actor

"Sean is an extremely competant photographer, making me feel at ease, even though that does not come naturally to me.  He took his time...  I would not hesitate to use his services in the future, and would definately recommend him to friends."
-Sylvia Miller, Actor

"Sean was incredibly easy to work with. His affable manner made me feel relaxed and gave me the room to experiment with many looks.  It was one of the most fun sessions I've ever had!"
-Paul Obedzinski, Actor/Comedian

“I needed photos for both a brochure and a website. One of the most frightening aspects of having a brochure and a website, was having to have my photo on them. Sean Harris was one of 5 choices recommended by the design and consulting firm I was working with on this project. While I spoke to 4 of the 5, it was an easy decision to choose Sean. His warmth, his ability to put me at ease, and his flexibility about coming to my home and working both indoors and outdoors. made me know that he was the right person. I have always hated having my photo taken. He made the experience fun and stressless. He also was able to work on a very tight deadline and yet I never felt rushed by him--not during the photo taking session nor going through the hundreds of photos of me. He is also great at removing your flaws and also correcting what won't work in the environment. He was also very helpful in the selection process. I would recommend him to anyone, whether they want pictures for work or pleasure, for themselves or for children. He's also quite funny so you will have a great time during the process."
-Marisa Harris, Cancer Coach

" Sean has a sensitive ability to allow you to bring yourself to the shot, but also directs the shot to be the best he knows it can be.   I was comfortable enough to try new things and, most importantly, be myself in front of the camera".
-Joe Komara, Actor

“Sean has a brilliant eye and a knack for bringing out the best in his subjects. Somehow his photos made my band The GrooveBarbers look cooler and more handsome than we do in real life. Best of all, he's got a pro work ethic and is a pleasure to work with."
-Sean Altman,  Singer-Songwriter  (Rockapella, The GrooveBarbers, Jewmongous)